Why You Need Winter Tires

Winter tire on a snowy road

Winter tires are essential for anyone who wants to get through the winter with their sanity intact. A good set of winter tires can be the difference between getting around quickly and spending half your time stuck in the snow—or sliding into other cars. So, what makes them different?

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

The most significant difference between winter tires and regular tires is that winter tires are specifically tailored for hazardous road conditions like ice, snow, and sleet. In addition to multiple gripping edges that expand the tire’s surface area, winter tires are usually studded for better traction. All-season tires work beautifully in dry conditions, but as soon as they encounter water or snow, they lose practically all their traction and contain tiny grooves that make them less effective than bald tires.

Justifying the Cost

Even if winter tires are better for handling these conditions, do you need to spend the cash to put a new set of tires on your vehicle? That depends.

If you live where the weather gets chilly enough to produce snow, consider switching over for the season. Weather conditions may look like light, but once those conditions change and there’s a light dusting of snow on the roads, your car becomes far less stable on all-season tires. As helpful as four-wheel drive is in these situations, it doesn’t stop your tires from being inadequate. If you want to prepare for winter driving as well as possible, invest in a set of winter tires early this year.

In addition to this, winter tires are not as costly as you may think. Most cost between $150 and $300, depending on the size of your vehicle. That’s a small price to pay for increased safety.

However, winter tires are so useful for extra traction, that some people opt to keep them installed all year round. This is only advisable if you live in a cold climate because warm weather can reduce a winter tire’s lifespan by as much as 60%. If you reside in a harshly cold climate, then you might consider keeping them year-round. This fact itself can make purchasing a new set even more justifiable. Not only will you be able to plow through winter with ease, but you can also do so without worrying about changing them after the first signs of spring.

What You Should Look for in a Winter Tire

Now that you understand what a set of winter tires can do for you, you’ll need to know the qualities that make a good winter tire.

Tire manufacturers usually provide a list of their tested tire compounds and tread designs that have been engineered to solve common grip problems. If you want to be confident that your new tires will have the best chance possible of gripping the snow, then take time to read through this information, as it is often explained in detail.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll need winter tires, go on a test drive after a snowfall so that you can see firsthand how your car handles the roads before committing to a purchase.

Working with a Team of Pros

Advanced Repair offers quality, affordable winter tires from our family to yours. Keep your loved ones safe this winter by purchasing a new set of tires from us.

Your vehicle is an integral part of your daily life, but it only functions at its best when you have a set of high-quality tires protecting your car from winter’s worst.

If you’re ready to get started today, make an appointment, and we’ll be happy to get you on the road with the best set of tires possible for your family!

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