When Are Car Repairs Covered By Insurance?

A single traffic accident can change everything. For Minnesotans, these events happen nearly 205 times every day. If you’ve had an accident, you may find yourself asking plenty of questions, including “How does car repair insurance work?” or “When will an insurance company not repair my car?” Whether it’s minor or major, navigating your policy can make a worrisome accident easy to navigate. First we should discuss car insurance in general, to understand when it will cover your damages.


Car insurance is usually split into a few distinct categories. Most issuers offer multiple products, the most common of which are Liability, Personal Injury Protection, Collision, and Comprehensive insurance.


  • Liability Insurance: This type of insurance covers damages when you cause an accident, inflict damage on property, or even cause an injury using your vehicle.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This type of insurance covers bodily harm inflicted upon you or a passenger in your vehicle. It can also cover things like rehabilitation or lost wages during time recuperating after an accident.
  • Collision Insurance: Even if you are at fault for an accident, collision coverage will pay out after meeting your deductible. This type of insurance is also sometimes bundled and sold as ‘full coverage” car insurance.
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance: Things are often not in your control, like theft or falling objects. When these things happen to your vehicle, comprehensive coverage can cover the cost of repairs for any damage your vehicle has sustained while not being driven.


Mitigating car insurance repair problems often comes with knowing your policy information. While collision insurance will cover anything relating to an accident, having auto repair insurance through a comprehensive policy will cover accidents that happen off the road.


But for all repairs, a team of honest mechanics sporting an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification can guide you through the process and get you back on the road.

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