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Spring cleaning applies to more than just your home—your vehicle needs TLC just like everything else. While your car will still need maintenance in the summer, winter, and fall, spring is the ideal time for maintenance as we prepare for the strain put on vehicles during long summer road trips. Spring car maintenance also helps catch any issues that occurred because of the winter weather.


We’ve compiled 3 inspections you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for summertime adventures.


Exterior Inspection


First, walk around your vehicle and take note of any problems that leap out at you. Check for rust on the trim, especially on older vehicles. This comes from salty, ice-covered roads eating away at the metal.


Inspect your tire walls for bulges, as they’re a sign of damage to the interior structure of a tire. Also, look for low tire pressure in the form of sagging tires. It’s common for tires to lose some of their air over the winter, proper tire maintenance is important for a fully functioning vehicle. Tire pressure can be checked with an inexpensive pressure gauge.


Check around the rims of your vehicle for damage from our favorite speedbumps: Minnesota potholes. Look for dings or dents, especially those that may be pointed toward the tire—this could eventually cause damage.


Last, check all the lighting components on the exterior of your vehicle. Are they operating correctly? Defective or dirty lighting may communicate your intentions to other drivers less clearly, leading to accidents.


Interior Inspection


Check your vehicles air filters to see if they need replacement. Just removing air filters and knocking them on something hard can be enough of a refresh to last until your next tune-up. Just be sure to insert your air filter facing the direction you took it out, or you’ll push dust into the engine.


Inspect your fluid levels. Oil, power steering, transmission, coolant, and windshield wiper fluids should all be at the amount recommended in your owner’s manual. When did you last replace your oil filter? Was it the last time you came in for an oil change? If not, it might be time for a refresh.


Check if the battery terminals are tight. Batteries take a beating in cold temperatures, and ensuring the terminals are making a good connection free of corrosion is important for a long-lasting battery. Has it been longer than 5 years since you replaced your battery? If so, it may be time for a replacement.


Test Drive Inspection


Now that you’re aware of any immediate issues that would affect your vehicle’s performance, it’s time to give it a test run. During your drive, note these things:


How do the brakes feel? Would your vehicle be able to conduct a safe emergency stop? If the answer is no, your brake pads may need replacing


Is the vehicle pulling to one side? Your alignment may be out of whack. If your vehicle is only pulling to one side while breaking, it could also be a sign of bad brake pads.


Are your wipers working? It could be time for wiper replacements, especially with spring rains on the way.


Is your car making any strange noises? When are those noises occurring? Any information you can get to assist your mechanic will be helpful when locating the source of any issues. Any questions that may arise can be addressed by one of the professionals at Advanced Repair.


With the frequent weather changes in Minnesota, spring car care is important to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle from season to season. If you’re looking for more assistance inspecting your vehicle for problems this spring, Advanced Repair can help. As a NAPA AutoCare Center, we specialize in auto repair and maintenance. Our ASE-certified technicians will help get your vehicle back into tip-top shape in no time, and help you get back on the road. Request an appointment with us today.