Spring Cleaning and Post-Winter Maintenance for Your Car

It’s finally springtime in Minnesota. For your car, this is the season between winter and road construction and a great time to do a little maintenance. Cleaning off the debris accumulated through the winter is an important task to prepare for warmer days of driving and long road trips – whether it’s a summer vacation out of state or an unexpected construction detour.

Remove the Salt

Winter roads–especially in Minnesota–are covered in salt to remove ice build-up and prevent accidents. In turn, this builds up on your car and leads to scaly coatings on your vehicle’s paint. Salt from the roads can even cause underbelly rust and interior stains, which is why it’s especially important to remove winter salt build-up from your car.

Especially if it’s your first car wash for a few months, invest in a strong, thorough cleaning. Include a wax to protect your car’s paint from stronger sun rays in the months to come.

Cleaning Out Winter Debris

Your car’s interior takes a beating during the colder months as well. Snow, salt, and debris get tracked in for months, and many people don’t take the time (or have the opportunity to) clean out their cars during the colder months. Spring might be the first time your car has been cleaned in a while, so take the time to do a detailed job.

  • Brush floor mats and carpet with a fine-bristled brush to pull up deep debris
  • Vacuum interior surfaces–especially between the seats
  • Use an interior cleaner and microfiber cloth to remove dust
  • Clean the interior side of your windows and windshield

Check Your Air Conditioning System

That’s right, the A/C. Make sure it’s in good working order. You’ll be needing it sooner than you expect, and the first 90-degree day of summer isn’t the time to realize your air conditioning is broken. Should you find something is wrong, contact the experts to get it fixed.

Stock up on Fluids and Other Essentials

Do your wiper blades need replacing? Spring roads can be a sloppy mess, and the moment after you splash through a puddle the size of a small pond isn’t the time to worry about that stray piece of rubber still clinging on to your wiper blades. Also, take a moment to top off any low fluids in your car–especially windshield washer fluids.

Some springtime maintenance can be done at home, while others should be left to the experts. If your vehicle hasn’t been seen by an expert in some time, it might be time to bring it in. Simple preventative maintenance tasks like tire rotations, checking spark plugs and battery health, inspecting belts, and wheel alignments can save you from more costly repairs down the road. Getting these completed before planning summer trips or getting caught in road construction delays is a good plan for any driver.