Tips to Make Your Brakes Last Longer

A close-up of an old car’s brake pedal.

While replacing your brakes can be expensive, it’s a necessary investment if you want to keep yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe while on the road. There’s nothing you can do to avoid ever having to replace your brakes, but there are certain ways you can improve their lifespan. By changing your driving and maintenance habits, you may be

Why Wheel Alignments Matter

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Even if your wheels are correctly aligned when you buy your vehicle, they likely won’t stay that way forever. Potholes, car accidents, and general wear and tear can all knock your wheels out of alignment, compromising safety and handling when driving. When done by a trusted professional mechanic, a wheel alignment service will correct these problems. What Does a Wheel

Why Professional Diagnostics Matter

When something goes wrong with your vehicle and that dreaded Check Engine Light blinks on, the first step to getting you back on the road is figuring out what the problem is. While some owners opt to take their cars straight to the mechanic for a professional vehicle diagnostic test, others who may be more experienced with DIY car repair

The Difference Between Warranties and Service Contracts

Warranty, extended warranty, service contract—if you’re shopping around for a new or used vehicle, you’ve probably heard the terms floating around, but what do they actually mean? What do they cover? And do you really need them? While they all aim to protect you and your car from costly repairs, there are key differences between these auto coverage contracts to

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Tire health is an important part of car maintenance. Bald, patchy tires are an eyesore, but more importantly, they make driving more difficult and less safe for everyone on the road! But if damage isn’t visible to the naked eye, how do you tell when it’s time to swap your old rubber for some fresh, new wheels?   Replacing by

Car Care Tips for First-Time Owners

Congratulations on your new car! We’re sure buying it was no walk in the park, but sorry to say, the work doesn’t end here. Maintenance is an essential part of having a car, but while most people own a vehicle at some point in their lives, not everyone learns how to take care of them. For first-time owners, car maintenance

What to Keep in Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Ah, another Minnesota winter: that oh-so-wonderful time of year when the roads are caked in a glorious combination of slush and melting salt, and driving two miles down the road is a much more daunting task than it should be. Ice, snow, and poor visibility can all contribute to car accidents during the winter. Getting stuck in a ditch during

Understanding (And Actually Addressing) Your Check Engine Light

Your car’s check engine light might seem like a dashboard light whose only purpose is to cause a sinking feeling in your stomach. While this anxiety-inducing indicator is an unwelcomed sign for many motorists, there are a ton of reasons your car might light the check engine light. Many times, it’s a warning that you should check a relatively minor

How to Protect Your Car’s Paint from Sun Damage

Did you know that the condition of your car’s paint is one of the most important factors in determining the value of your car? Just like with your skin, the sun’s rays can cause damage to paint. Over time, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun causes oxidation and makes your car look worn out and older than it

The Real Weight of Tire Pressure: Knowing the Basics

2020 has been a strange year for us all. Travel plans and events all over the country are changing and getting postponed. Spring in Minnesota has come regardless of what the rest of us are doing. With it, the wear and tear of winter becomes more apparent on the roads, on our cars, and on our tires. Especially when battling