Car Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

Car mechanic working at automotive service center

Celebrating DIY

We’re no stranger to car repairs, and we know that some of them can be done at home at no cost to you. Some people just like to pop the hood and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are a few tough jobs, however, that we would caution you against doing yourself unless you have ample experience working on vehicles. For these repairs, instead, we recommend working with a car repair shop. So, which DIY car repair processes should you avoid? For us, it comes down to which jobs require special tools and knowledge to accomplish.

Transmission Repair

For some home mechanics, a transmission repair can prove to be a fun challenge. But there are problems associated with these repairs that can often make it an impossibility. The main challenge comes with rebuilding the entirety of the transmission itself. A mechanic will have multiple advantages like:

  • Replacing All Damaged Parts Quickly and Reliably
  • Knowing How to Rebuild According to Factory Specifications
  • Avoiding Critical Damage That Is Irreversible

Transmission is surely a possible DIY car repair, but you shouldn’t feel any shame in wanting to avoid irrevocable damage to your vehicle.

Alignment Work

If you’ve been noticing problems with your car’s alignment, then it may be time for some repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Under normal circumstances, an alignment is simple, requiring an hour for the average mechanic. So why isn’t it an easy DIY car repair?

The problem is not the alignment itself. Instead, the problem occurs when there is further damage causing your alignment misbalance in the first place. Faulty alignment may be a symptom of many large problems that require DIY car repair tools you just don’t have. To name a few, here are some of the additional parts you may need to replace or repair while inspecting your alignment:

  • Suspension System
  • Steering Bushing
  • Track Rod
  • Brakes

Tire Mount and Balance

You might be surprised to find tire mounting on this list. But the reality is that plenty of people lack the equipment to make it an easy job. Having a few DIY car repair tools can certainly help, like a lift or impact wrench.

But the real challenge comes from balancing the tires. This process requires special equipment that you would be hard-pressed to find in an amateur’s garage. Tire balancing uses heavy equipment to accomplish spin balancing or road force balancing, both of which would be very difficult to accomplish at home.

Getting It Right

Having a perfectly functioning vehicle is extremely important for hundreds of millions of Americans across the country. When there are DIY car repairs you can handle, we applaud the amateur mechanics who love a challenge. But DIY isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s because you don’t have the equipment or technical know-how, it doesn’t matter. For the people who just want the job done right, Advanced Repair has a team of experienced professionals. Contact us today and request an appointment.

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